Q: There are no imagine to display
A: The reason is the display card is un-pluralized; you can test with Direct Draw, if it could pass the test, and then it should not be this reason.
The connector of PCI groove is not so good; you can change the PCI groove for test. 
Q: The image scrutinized in real time is misty
A: It can reach your satisfaction through adjust the brightness, contrast, chrome and saturation.
Q:The process could not start-up or the initialize
A: 1. Shortcut mode emergence error, could not hooking application, Shortcut mode could not start-up,
        delete the shortcut mode and re-build crate or re-install procedures.
    2. Hadn’t installed accelerating software in DirectX7.1 edition or above.
    3. There are contact badness between board and card, should to re-install board and card.
    4. There should be damaged card; need to confirm every card are in gear.
    5. The PCI groove is damaged, you could change the groove if need.
Q: The image is immobile and could not be moved
A: If there are dead-card phenomena frequently, you may consider to change the card; if the frequency is not so often,
    you may set the system start-up timing each day so as to release the pressure of working system and set free EMS memory,
    or connect an anti-dead card so as to realize the aim of auto resume, pay attention to aeration and disperse the hot of the machine.
Q: Could not control the head of the software flexible
A: The reason perhaps the connect is not right between the decode machine and etc., or the communicating cable is too long,
     you need to install the decode machine near to the cloud-flat form.
Q: Video frequency was disturbed seriously
A: 1. The tie-in of video frequency cable was contacted not right.
    2. The cable of video frequency was disturbed by strong electric current; the cable of video frequency could not lie side by side with electro circuit.
    3. The pickup camera could not connect to the earth wire. In the whole system, user can only adopt single point impalas machine.
Q: The speed of system is very slow and the image isa
A:  1.The reason of the slow speed of system perhaps is the machine is equipped with non-815 series CMOS chip group or the speed of the CPU is slow.
     2. The data line of HD is not ATA66 or ATA100 (two kinds of high speed data line) or the data line is connected in reverse.
    (the color end is connected to the TDE groove of the main-board
     3. The DMA mode of the HD is not being opened.
Q: The disk could not cover automatic.
A:  The disk appears logic error; it could resume in gear after scanning the disk.

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