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Software and APP development

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Custom developed content:
1. Artificial intelligence smart safe city AI big data analysis professional team custom software development
2. Object recognition and target recognition in images and videos
3. Custom development services for CCTV-related apps and mobile apps, and data docking services with third-party software in face recognition, people counting, alarm, license plate correlation, and temperature measurement. Applicable to all Dahua and Hikvision products

Software applicable places:
Supermarket/zoo/airport/parking lot/road/government engineering/research institute, etc.

What is image recognition?

Image recognition refers to the technology of using computers to process, analyze and understand images to identify various patterns of targets and objects. It is a practical application of deep learning algorithms. Our company’s latest recognition technology can accurately identify more than 10,000 objects and scenes, including more than 10 high-precision image recognition capabilities and provide corresponding API services to fully meet the application needs of various developers and enterprise users.

What are the application scenarios of image recognition?

1. General object and scene recognition

It can recognize more than 100,000 common objects and scenes, the interface returns the names of categories and sub-categories, and supports obtaining information corresponding to the recognition results; it is widely used in image or video content analysis, photo recognition and other business scenarios

2. Image subject detection

Detect the subject in the picture, support single subject detection, multi-subject detection. The position and label of the subject in the picture can be identified, and the area corresponding to the subject can be easily cut out for subsequent image processing, classification and marking of massive images, etc.

3. Animal recognition

Recognize nearly 8,000 kinds of animals, the interface returns the name of the animal, and can obtain the information corresponding to the recognition result; it is suitable for scenes such as photo recognition, early childhood education popularization, and image content analysis.

4. Plant recognition

It can identify more than 20,000 kinds of common plants and nearly 8,000 kinds of flowers, the interface returns the name of the plant, and supports obtaining the information corresponding to the identification result; it is suitable for scenes such as photo recognition, early childhood education popularization, and image content analysis.

5. Brand logo recognition

Recognize more than 20,000 types of product logos, support users to create their own brand logo library, can accurately identify the name of the brand logo in the picture, suitable for business scenarios that need to quickly obtain brand information

6. Fruit and vegetable recognition

Recognize the names of nearly 1,000 kinds of fruits and vegetables. It is suitable for identifying pictures containing only one kind of fruit and vegetable. The number of identification results returned can be customized. It is suitable for gourmet apps related to fruit and vegetable introductions.

7. Dishes recognition

Recognize more than 9,000 kinds of dishes, support customers to create their own dish image gallery, can accurately identify the dish name in the picture, suitable for a variety of business scenarios where customers identify dishes

8. Remake recognition

For the FMCG industry visit and sales scenarios, accurate identification of fake photos that have been retaken on the screen can effectively reduce the manual review manpower and reduce the loss of costs for brand owners due to image fraud.

9. Face text recognition

Identify the face text information in the picture, automatically filter the non-face text content, the interface returns the face name, description text and confidence level, and supports returning up to 10 face information in a single image

10. Customized Image Recognition

Zero algorithm basis to train business customized models to identify subjects/scenes in pictures, or identify the names and positions of objects in pictures.

– App development (Android\iOS) of any difficulty, communication between servers and remote devices.
– Firmware, Software Development, Drivers, SW and HW integrations (Embedded Systems, 4G, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles)

– Programming languages: Python, Delphi, C++ C#;
– Uboot, Bash, Ubus, Chat, Uci, HTML, CSS, JS, creation of additional modules, programs, development of server communication between routers.
● iOS app
● Android app
● C/S server, client
● WEB terminal
● System applications

Software development process:

1. User demand research, responsible for the analysis and overall design of the system architecture,
function and performance
2. Project development process management, project planning, management and follow-up
3. Instruct the development engineer to complete the detailed design and development of the system, and solve the corresponding business and technical problems
4. Compile user manuals, assist customers in the installation and implementation of system software and hardware platforms
5. Develop project document format and write relevant documents required by project management specifications

Custom software mainly has the following advantages:
1. Strong pertinence:
l) The development of each software must go through detailed systematic analysis, and the most suitable, easy-to-use and applicable software shall be compiled according to the actual situation of different enterprises.
2)) Meet the needs of user-specific functions. Tailored according to the actual needs of users, completely avoiding the situation of wasting money and doing useless things.
3) Meet the needs of users’ specific usage habits.
4) Satisfy the needs of users to convert the experience summed up over the years into software. The customized software is designed according to the user’s will, and its functions are required by the user. Using it can improve the efficiency of work and study, and achieve multiplier effect with half the effort.
5)) Meet the needs of users to convert unique ideas into benefits. In the process of writing software, the latest management ideas or the most scientific management mode of managers can be integrated into the mathematical model of the software, thereby greatly improving the scientific value of the software and bringing huge economic benefits to the enterprise.
2. Easy to use:
1) The program is completely based on the existing work flow of the enterprise, and the user does not need to learn the so-called “standard” business process of others.
2) Meet the needs of users to upgrade software at any time. The management of the enterprise is constantly improving. Any software will be constantly changed according to the needs of the enterprise’s own management during the use process. Using the customized software, the enterprise can carry out the secondary development by itself, which is simple and convenient, and can be managed and customized at will.
3. Low cost of secondary development:
1) The customized software compiles the functional modules required by the enterprise according to the actual situation of the enterprise, deletes functions that have no actual use value, and shortens the development cycle to the greatest extent, thereby saving development costs.
2) The customized software is completely open source to the enterprise, and the enterprise itself can carry out simple secondary development as long as there are computer professionals who are slightly familiar with software development, thereby saving development costs.


1.How long does software development take?
The length of the development cycle of the software system mainly depends on the size of the project and the number of stages of development. The finished product will take about 10 working days from deployment to testing. But if you need secure native development, it will take about 30-60 working days
2.We don’t have a technical team, and we don’t know much about software systems. Can we do a good job in the project?
Bomi Technology provides one-stop software system development outsourcing services. From pre-sale, mid-sale to after-sale, there is a professional team to help you make plans and solve your worries.
3.How is your after-sale service?
Timely software update within one year to ensure the normal availability of customer software, and secondary development can be carried out in the later stage
4.When do you do software development?
Once we receive payment confirmation, we will start the project within 1-2 days.
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